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Aboriginal Arts

Our favourite art pieces, up close

We have decided to put a console table in the main hallway, close to the mudroom. This is more of a necessity rather than for aesthetic reason. But because I don’t like to plunk in something anywhere in the house without making sure it is visually nice (for me and for my boys at least), we have carefully picked the area to put it and how to ‘display’ it.

It took awhile to find the console that we like. We wanted something simple that can go with the rest of the décor in the house. Nothing curvy, nothing fancy. Just simple, straight lines.

Minimal decor is what we are going for, just like what we have in the Family Room. Minimal decor means less clutter and easy on the pocket :).

101 pknk ps2

054 pknk ps3

View of our Family Room from our loft in the second floor.

So after scouring at my favourite stores (there aren’t that many here btw), going back and forth hoping that it would finally show up, we finally saw “the one”. Of all places, we found it in Costco.

Finding it in Costco isn’t really unexpected. If you haven’t visited any of their stores and their online store and decide to check them out, you’d be amazed at the stuff they sell there. Free delivery (it used to be “white-glove” delivery too) for online purchases and if you don’t like your purchased item, you can return it to any of their warehouses. No questions asked.

In the hallway close to the mudroom entrance is where it is. And going in the house by the main entry, you can see it. We initially considered putting a mirror but finally decided to put our favourite artworks instead. We used to display them on the wall by the staircase in our previous home.

Main Hallway

They’re inexpensive art pieces, each one is special. Most of them are from Australia and the Philippines.

I got all the Australian aboriginal art pieces back when I was in Sydney for a “short” business stint. Short means 7 months. They were sold  at Paddy’s market which was one of my favourite places to go to when I was there. I lived by myself in a one bedroom, fully furnished apartment/condo. During weekends, if I wasn’t spending some time with our very good friends or socializing with my colleagues, I was on my own doing the touristy things.

Every time I gaze at these Australian art pieces, it reminds me of our time in Oz. I say ‘our’ because MDK and MDH stayed with me there for over a month. We managed to visit other parts of Australia while they were there. Our favourite was our trip to Cairns. It was where I did the bravest thing I’ve ever done – we went snorkeling amidst the Coral Sea, on over 30 ft deep water and I didn’t even know how to swim. The wet suit kinda helped.
The other art pieces are from the Philippines. Two of the pieces are from a huge piece of Tinalak fabric we have. I cut portions of the fabric and framed them. For the curious, Tinalak is a hand-woven cloth made from the abaca plant.

Autumn is finally here

Getting Ready for Autumn

My poncho on my ghost chair

There is no stopping it. Autumn is finally here and I am quite excited about it.

Today, we started to bring out the stuff that we need for the coming cold weather, including my poncho :). MDH has finally cleared up some parts of our garage, enough for our car to be parked inside. No more overnight parking outside on a very cold weather and most importantly, no freezing butts in the morning 🙂

Pretty soon, it will be thanksgiving, then Halloween. And before we know it, we’ll be very busy preparing for the Christmas Holidays.

One thing very good about Autumn is the colder weather. Summer brought fun things but weather wasn’t one of them :(.

I peeked outside this morning (just peeked ’cause we were busy doing stuff inside the house) and I saw the leaves starting to change colours. Another God’s masterpiece is about to show. So beautiful.

Wanna go for a stroll?

Photo taken 2 years ago at Andrew Haydon park in Ottawa

017 pknk ps1

I’ve always wanted to learn to make cinnamon rolls. It is one of DK’s favourite baked goods and one of DH and my small indulgences. I say ‘indulgence’ because we are trying to cut down our sugar intake and wolfing down these sticky breads doesn’t exactly help in the cutting-down-the-sugar endeavour.

I stumbled upon the recipe on the internet which after reading some of the encouraging reviews, convinced me to give it a try.

It’s an easy recipe and anyone who is equipped with a breadmaker in their kitchen can do it with the least amount of work. And if you don’t have a breadmaker at home, despair not. You can still make the dough the old-fashioned way.

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My Corner

Here’s another one of my fave corners in the new home.

Chef I am not. But because I am the luckiest gal in our household, I get to call the chef’s desk “my corner.”

My Corner

Taken at night. That's my favourite lens beside my computer. I make sure it's accessible when I'm in the kitchen.

When we considered renovating the kitchen in our previous home, I made a list of things I’d want to have in our kitchen. Other than having a bigger island/breakfast counter, I wanted a chef’s desk. Unfortunately, the real estate of the previous home wouldn’t allow a desk. I had to use the dining room as my work area which was a bit inconvenient and not a pretty sight whenever we passed by the room.  So when we decided to look for a new house, I made a mental note to include it in my nice-to-haves.

So here it is in the new home, located close to the breakfast nook, and quite accessible when you’re in the kitchen.

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The Family Room

So this is how our family room looks like now. There are still things to be done but overall, it’s close to how I’d like it to be – no unsightly wires and no things on the floor :).

My boys listening to DK's favourite album while talking about stuff a teenager likes to talk about. I live for moments like this.

The family room is the second most used place in our home, the kitchen being the first. Just like the previous home we had, the family room is adjacent to the kitchen. It’s a very convenient layout because the family room is also an entertainment room so once in awhile, we can watch our favourite shows like Michael Smith’s Chef at Home while our in-house chef a.k.a. DH and his sous chefs a.k.a. DK and moi whip up something in the kitchen. Yes, we do love to cook as a family. I think the family that labours together, savours together. I made that up hahaha.

008/365: The family that labors together, savors together

Okay, I digressed. Let’s go back to the family room.

One of the things we love to do as a family is to watch movies together, not in theatres but at home. Personally, I prefer to watch at home because I can pause it, replay it, fast forward it anytime I like. Not to mention, I can watch in my pajamas.

There are still quite a few things I’d like done in the FR like adding some architectural photos atop the TV. I think they will fill up the big space above it. Time for me to dig my photo archives. We still have to put up the drapes on the windows. And lamps. And then that LOLA sectional from EQ3 will be a nice replacement for the 5 year old seats we have. I know, the list goes on and on and on we’ll never see the end of it 

I’ve been working on these pics today just so I’d be able to show DH how the framed pics would look like once they’re hung on the wall. Well,  I know I will like it and I do have an idea on how they’d look like. But I am trying to convince a doubting Thomas in the household. So here it is –

framed orchid collection

I took the pics btw in case y’all are wondering.